Post Taught Pre-Graduation Policy

There is likely to be a period of time between a student graduating from the taught elements of the clinical training to become an attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist, and registering with the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

During this period, students are required to be in therapy with their Training Therapist. If the student has not registered with the UKCP two years after the end of the taught part of the course (from the date of graduation) they may, with the agreement of the Training Therapist and the Course Tutor, apply to the CTC to drop to once per week therapy.  Supervision with a Training Supervisor must continue weekly until registration. Supervision and Training Therapy must continue to be a minimum of 60% face-to- face in line with UKCP guidelines. Students must continue having one tutorial with their course tutor each term (three per year) and attend at least three clinical forums per year.

The CTC will support all students to register within four years of the taught element of the training being completed. However, If the student has not registered four years after they have graduated from the taught part of the clinical training, the CTC may request that a student re-attends certain elements of the training, or may request additional specific CPD measures specific to the student, such as additional training, supervision or therapy. The CTC may ask a student to leave the clinical training four years after graduation if they are not convinced that the student has a clear and time-specific path towards registration. This will be considered during the annual progress review of each student at the CTC.

The existing Appeals Procedure relevant to challenging decisions taken by the CTC during the assessment process applies to this policy.