How the Bowlby Centre is organised

As a voluntary organisation the functioning of The Bowlby Centre depends on the various contributions each one of us makes. There are jobs and tasks to suit everyone’s different talents, from working on the groups and committees covering our various areas of work: teaching, management and administration, research , writing , IT, creating events and to stuffing envelopes, or washing the chair covers – something for everyone!

We hope that many will find a way to contribute to the working of the community as well as enjoy all that The Bowlby Centre has to offer.

Download the formal Articles of Association

The Organisation Structure

The organisation is managed by the Executive Committee under the leadership of the Chair of The Bowlby Centre.  The Executive is the hub of the organisation, sets the strategic direction and oversees and organises the work carried out through the groups and committees to achieve the aims of The Bowlby Centre, ensuring that we work within the framework of our values and mindful of the needs of our members and clients. The Executive Committee is supported and guided by The Bowlby Centre’s elected Trustees. Membership of Executive Committee is made up of elected officers, committee Chairs, and some Group convenors and people who head up The Bowlby Centre’s work areas, like fundraising, and publicity.

Membership of groups is more informal, made up of volunteers or representatives from committees. Groups are often project based. Some meet at The Bowlby Centre and others meet using the internet or at other venues. The Executive ratifies all Convenors or Leaders of Groups. Groups are initiated by the Executive or other Committees, and are subgroups of, or accountable, to a relevant Committee or Executive member.

All Committees and Groups are accountable to the elected Executive and Trustees of The Bowlby Centre.

Committees and Groups

The Trustees
The Executive Committee
Ethics Committee (including Complaints Panel)
Clinical Training Committee
Continuing Professional Development Group
Teachers’ Appointment Group
The Journal Group
Bowlby Conference Planning Group

Organisational Community Meetings

There are a number of opportunities within The Centre’s structures and processes for the community which makes up The Centre to come together. These include the monthly Clinical Forum, an Annual Open Forum where plans for The Centre’s future and current issues can be thought about, and the more formal business meetings of the Annual General Meeting usually in November and Special General Meetings where people are elected to positions and business matters discussed and agreed. The formal arrangements associated with these meetings can be found in the Articles of Association of The Bowlby Centre.

Administration and Finance

The administration of The Bowlby Centre is provided by a small team who support the various officers, committees and groups, members, tutors, teachers and students. They also manage the facilities at The Bowlby Centre. All work part time and can be contacted via email:

Administration Team:

Carol Tobin, Manager
Sarah Devereux, Administrator
Jo Lawson, Admin Support

Finance Team:

Loureen Pierce, Finance Manager

Clinical Forum

The Clinical Forum is a learning and sharing experience where students and members of The Bowlby Centre and invited speakers meet to present and discuss their clinical work. It is the one regular Bowlby Centre meeting where all members of the community are able to meet and exchange ideas. The Forum is normally held on the second Saturday of each month via Zoom during term time from 11am – 1.00pm..

Attendance at the Clinical Forum is strongly encouraged for all members as part of their Continuing Professional Development and all students are encouraged to attend as regularly as possible and required to attend three forums per year.

Details of the Clinical Forum are available on website.

Contact: Sarah Wood.

The Resource

The Bowlby Centre Online Resource (The Resource) is where you can find The Centre’s handbook, news items, cpd events and other useful information about the Centre on the Internet. You can find it at

The Resource is only available to members, including students (including pre-registration) and is password protected. The password is available from The Bowlby Centre office.