4 year Attachment Based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (ABPP)

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There are quite a few requirements so please read the form thoroughly before you begin filling in the form.

Clinical Training Application Form - Next Intake September 2024

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In order to apply for your place on your chosen course you will need to pay an interview fee of £120, and a deposit of £250 by 30th June 2024 and commit to paying the full course fee for the coming year.


I understand that my place on the course is not secure until the deposit of £250 has been paid to The Bowlby Centre in full. I confirm that I herewith require The Bowlby Centre to book my place on the course indicated at the top of this form. I confirm that if accepted I will pay the full fee for the first year on demand and that my place on the course is at risk if payments are not made. I understand that courses can be over-booked or places become unavailable, and that my deposit will be returned in those eventualities. I confirm that my deposit is non-returnable if I withdraw from the application process after 10th July 2024.
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I hereby apply to enroll with the Bowlby Centre.

Current Psychotherapy

In view of the important role that personal therapy plays in your development and training as a psychotherapist, we would expect you to have been in personal therapy for a minimum of one year with an attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist or a psychotherapist who works from a psychodynamic perspective prior to starting the course. Ideally, this would be the year prior to and during your application to the training course, so that you have an established therapeutic relationship in place to support you through the process of application and the demands of beginning the training.
For the first year of training it is a requirement to be in therapy twice a week with a therapist who meets The Bowlby Centre’s criteria for approval as a Training Therapist. They must be a member of the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy, (UKCP) Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis (CPJA) section or a member of the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC). Following year one of the training it is a requirement to be in therapy once a week until registration.
If you are unsure as to whether your personal therapy experience or current therapy arrangements meet this criteria you can discuss this with the member of the Clinical Training Committee responsible for applications.

About You

This is so that we can get a sense and understanding of you as a person. Tell us about your past and current circumstances and some idea of what you would bring to The Bowlby Centre, as well as what you would hope to gain from the course. How would you describe this point in your life and why you are considering training now?

Personal Psychotherapy

a) Please outline all your previous psychotherapy or counselling giving us the length of the therapy and when in your life this was undertaken. It is also helpful to know the therapeutic orientation of your therapist(s).
b) Please reflect on your experience of therapy and how this has influenced your application to train with The Bowlby Centre.

Relevant Life and Work Experience and its Relationship to Your Emotional Readiness to Train

Education or Experience of Learning

The Bowlby Centre’s values around education support people’s different learning styles and those with special educational needs. As the course is at the equivalent of post-graduate level, the abilities we are looking for are the capacity to explore, analyse and engage with your own process, the material and with others in a learning group.

The Bowlby Centre Philosophy

Our belief is that attachment theory based psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a positive and valuable contribution to the world.

Attachment relationships affect all aspects of people’s internal and external lives. This starts with our earliest childhood experiences which shape us emotionally and physically, forming our identity, security, resilience, creativity, relationships and mental health. All people can benefit from learning about attachment theory.

Our approach to mental health is therefore based on seeing to understand the specific ways which make a particular person vulnerable, hurting a struggling to cope, and relate to their pain with attention, engagement and attunement: the makings of a secure base. This principle remains the same however well or unwell the person is, whatever their walk of life, whoever they are.

We therefore inherently welcome, value and celebrate diversity. We seek to understand the reality of people from different ethnicities, ages, sexual orientations, gender identities, faiths, abilities and disabilities, neurominorities and socio-economic backgrounds. We recognise we have an ethical responsibility to do the work to ensure a safe, inclusive home for our psychotherapy community, trainees and the people they work with. Our teaching, training and information is high-quality, offered in small groups for strong relational practice.

Attachment relationships are formed and shaped in the real world, not only ‘in the mind’. We therefore believe that all real-life impacts must be part of the therapy and treated with respect, warmth, openness, and readiness to interact and relate. In particular, we believe that people who have undergone extreme traumatic experiences must have their reality acknowledged and their ways to survive deeply respected. Above all, we believe that recognising our shares humanity is our shared secure base.

The Bowlby Centre Values

Our work is lived by and measured against our values. We are:

Compassionate Attuned Inclusive

Curious Courageous Transparent

Guidelines for references for applicants to the four year part time psychotherapy training

You will need to get one professional and one personal reference to support your application. Please note, your personal reference can be from a supervisor, a mentor or a friend who has known you in a personal capacity but not a family member.

Please direct each of them to http://thebowlbycentre.org.uk/training/references-form

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Please contact Sarah Slater at admin@thebowlbycentre.org.uk if you have any queries.

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