Bowlby-Centre-N5-1RN-Room Booking at The Centre

There are rooms available for members at The Bowlby Centre. Please check availability and pre-book through the office by email or by phone.

You can check availability HERE . We use an on-line cloud based room booking calendar.

Phone: 0207 700 5060

Each person using the rooms will be asked to fill out a contractual agreement and a fee will be charged to therapists who are using the rooms for fee paying clients. Details will be sent out to individuals booking the rooms.

Please check the on-line room booking calendar before submitting a booking request to the administration. Changes are made to this chart on a regular basis and it is up to date.

 Room Bookings – Taught Students Occasional FORM, taught student ongoing room booking form

Room Bookings – Taught Students On-Going FORM, members’/pre-registered members’ ongoing

Room Bookings – Taught Students On-Going FORM and occasional  room booking form

Room Bookings – Taught Students Occasional FORM.  Terms and Conditions for room hire

Room Bookings – Members and Pre-registered Members Terms and Conditions & Room Bookings – Taught Students Terms and Conditions.