The Bowlby Centre Community Resource

This new edition of the The Bowlby Centre handbook has been rewritten and reordered to reflect the developments at The Centre and the way we are growing and developing and achieving our vision. The Handbook seeks to help everyone involved with The Centre to have information about how we work together and the commitments, aims and responsibilities of everyone who is a part of The Bowlby Centre community.

Source of Information

The handbook aims to not only to be a practical source of information for everyone involved with The Bowlby Centre but also to communicate our values and expectations to all those who wish to be involved with The Centre. For everyone, the Handbook introduces us to, or reminds us of, our underpinning values, our history, our approach to clinical practice and training and our vision for our future development. It outlines the organisational structures, procedures and processes that regulate our community and we hope it gives you a flavour of our commitment to valuing diversity and difference.

Calendar of Events

Importantly tOldSpitalfieldsMarket_ExteriorMedhe Handbook has The Bowlby Centre’s Calendar of Events and important dates for the year. Please ensure these are in your diary. For Registered Members, Teachers, Course Tutors, Training Therapists, and Supervisors, the handbook provides information on the organisational structures and the policies and codes of practice that support and regulate Membership of The Bowlby Centre, as well as outlining the expectations for Continuing Professional Development that are part of being a Member of The Centre. For students and trainees, the Handbook is the guide for your training. We have aimed to provide you with all the detailed information you will need at various stages of the process, to help make it as clear and straightforward as possible. For post-taught trainees it gives information on the processes, procedures and support available as you work towards UKCP Registration as Attachment–based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists. We also hope that everyone will gain from the handbook a sense of our core belief that therapy is a joint venture between therapist and client in which, as Bowlby described, the client is related to as a ‘fellow human being in trouble’.