sexualitySexuality and Attachment in Clinical Practice


The second book in the John Bowlby Memorial Conference Lecture Series. It explores our thinking about the developmental, relational and interpersonal aspects of the links between attachment and sexuality as they emerge in clinical practice.

“This enchanting book, packed with contemporary psychoanalytic insight, will be indispensable reading to all those seeking a fuller understanding of passion, hidden sexual longings, fantasies, fears and hopes as they manifest themselves in day-to-day life as well as in the consulting room. Kate White and Joe Schwartz present to the reader a state-of-the-art edited volume in which sexuality becomes appropriately recognized, akin to attachment, as a core human characteristic from the cradle to the grave. The contributing authors are authoritative leaders in the field of relational psychoanalysis. Graduate students in clinical trainings, as well as their mentors, will find much here to discuss, reflect upon, and be enriched by. At the same time, this book offers the possibility of a deepened psychoanalytic understanding of sexuality to a wide readership, including anyone involved in providing (or seeking) sex education or sex therapy as well as the “love researchers”.’
Howard Steele, PhD, Associate Professor, Psychology Department at Graduate Faculty, New School University, NY; Editor, Attachment and Human Development

Contributors: Bernice Laschinger, Chris Purnell, Joanna Ryan, Joseph Schwartz, Kate White, Rachel Wingfield-Schwartz, and Judy Yellin

Author : White, Kate & Schwartz, Joseph (Eds).
Publisher : Karnac Books
Published : 2007
Catalogue No. : 20566
ISBN. : 9781855753921
ISBN 10. : 1855753928

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