Procedure for Registered Members wishing to retire or leave The Bowlby Centre

1. Introduction

This procedure is for Registered Members of The Bowlby Centre who wish to end their membership. We appreciate that people wish to end their membership for many reasons . For example :

Retirement from psychotherapeutic practice Not wishing to be a member of The Bowlby Centre community Not feeling able to support the values, mission or direction of the Centre.

Members may not resign if there is an outstanding complaint against them. All financial debts and monies owing to The Bowlby Centre must be settled in advance of leaving The Bowlby Centre.

2. Procedure

2.1. If a member wishes to leave The Bowlby Centre they should write to the Executive via the company Secretary at The Bowlby Centre office notifying the Executive of their wish to leave and the reasons for their decision.

2.2. The Chair will take the resignation to the Executive Committee. A member of the Executive will be appointed to discuss with the member implications of and the arrangements being made for endings with clients, supervisees and training clients to ensure that arrangements are made for these endings and so that the organisation can support the members and others involved as necessary.

2.3. Membership will normally cease at the end of the financial year (July) and fees will be due in line with the Letter of Undertaking for the whole financial year.

2.4. The Executive member will contact the leaver and confirm in writing the arrangements for their leaving. This letter will be copied for information to The Bowlby Centre administration and the Treasurer.

2.5. Termination of The Bowlby Centre membership also terminates registration with UKCP via The Bowlby Centre as the Member Organisation.

2.6. No member who has an outstanding complaint against them may resign until the complaint has been dealt with under The Bowlby Centre complaints procedures.