Criteria for becoming a Training Therapist

A Bowlby Centre Training Therapist must have completed a recognised psychoanalytic psychotherapy training. All Bowlby Centre Training Therapists must be registered with the Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis (CPJA) of the UKCP or with the BCP.

Both internally trained Bowlby Centre therapists and external therapists who have trained elsewhere must have a minimum of five years post qualification experience in working individually with clients. Training Therapists will be asked to provide evidence of the following:

  • Past supervision by at least two different supervisors and work with appropriate supervision of their current practice
  • A minimum of five years individual personal therapy which will have included an extended period of intensive therapy (i.e. two – three times per week)
  • Experience of having built a substantial practice in which they have been working with clients more than once a week
  • Awareness of the particular issues that can arise in a training therapy
  • Pursuing their own Continuing Professional Development which meets UKCP/BCP/Bowlby Centre requirements (see The Bowlby Centre CPD policy)

Sharing of The Bowlby Centre’s values

Internal Bowlby Centre Training Therapists will also be expected to demonstrate that they are:

  • Familiar with The Bowlby Centre training course and be prepared to support a student through this training
  • Familiar with and support The Bowlby Centre’s Codes of Ethics and Practice.
  • In contact with Bowlby Centre peers and The Bowlby Centre community activities (eg participation in clinical forums, committee work, teaching tutoring, writing, Bowlby conferences etc)

It is recommended that a training therapist work with only one student from any given year.  An exception would be where a student may have deferred to another year, and a situation may arise where more than one student is working with the same therapist.  In this case, particular care must be taken with boundary issues.

From 1st October 2011 the roles of training therapist and training supervisor must not overlap in any training group. It is only in exceptional circumstances that the CTC may agree to this.  This does not apply to any existing arrangements.

In common with every Bowlby Centre member, training therapists will need to be aware of the power dynamics that can occur within an organisation and take care to manage these in an ethical and professional manner so as not to advantage or disadvantage themselves, their clients or other members of The Bowlby Centre community.

The above criteria apply both to prospective internal and external training therapists. Prospective external training therapists need to demonstrate that they are familiar with and support The Bowlby Centre values and be committed to working within the relational model.

A prospective Training Therapist must apply to and be ratified by the Clinical Training Committee. They will be asked to send a letter outlining how they meet these criteria accompanied by a CV to the Chair of the CTC. The CTC may invite prospective Training Therapists to meet with one or two of its members.

All Training Therapists must agree to give the CTC annual written confirmation that the trainee is continuing in therapy at a minimum of two sessions per week.

Bowlby Centre Training Therapists will be expected to be able to demonstrate the above criteria throughout the time that they are in the role.