Criteria for becoming a Training Supervisor

The Clinical Training requires that trainees work with two Training Supervisors before Registration. A Bowlby Centre Training Supervisor must have completed a recognised psychoanalytic psychotherapy training.  All Bowlby Centre Training Supervisors must be registered with the Council for Psychoananlysis and Jungian Analysis (CPJA) of the UKCP or with the BCP.

Internal, Bowlby Centre-trained therapists must have a minimum of five years post qualification experience in working individually with clients. External Training Therapists or Bowlby Centre Members trained elsewhere must have a minimum of five years post-qualification experience in working individually with clients.

Everyone seeking to become a Training Supervisor should have experience of having built a substantial therapeutic practice and have been in supervision themselves with a minimum of 2 Supervisors.  Normally they will have experience of supervising others in a counselling, therapeutic or similar context.

They should be:

  • Familiar with The Bowlby Centre training course and be prepared to support a student through this training.
  • Familiar with, and support, The Bowlby Centre Code of Ethics and Practice and should feel able share The Bowlby Centre’s values and demonstrate them in practice.

In addition it is expected that first Supervisors will be members of the The Bowlby Centre community and normally have trained at The Bowlby Centre.

To be appointed as a first Training Supervisor you will in addition to the requirements above need to demonstrate that you:

  • Have a good understanding of The Bowlby Centre curriculum and its implications for trainees.
  • Are prepared to offer the preclinical sessions to trainees seeking to apply for PiT status and to prepare an assessment report for the CTC for the PiT process.
  • Are in contact with Bowlby Centre peers and The Bowlby Centre community activities (eg participation in clinical forums, committee work, teaching, tutoring, writing, Bowlby Conference attendance etc.).
  • Are pursuing your own Continuing Professional Development. and have submitted your CPD summary report annually to The Bowlby Centre
  • Work with appropriate supervision of your current practice.

Have an interest in helping others to develop their own way of being a therapist rather than seeing supervision as ensuring the adherence to a set of rule.

A prospective Training Supervisor must apply to and be ratified by the Clinical Training Committee. They will be asked to send a letter to the Chair of the CTC outlining how they meet these criteria. The CTC may invite prospective Training Supervisor to meet with one or two of its members.