Committees, Groups and Lists


Sir Richard Bowlby
Dr Elaine Arnold
Professor Susie Orbach


These are people elected by Registered Members to oversee the financial and organisational fidelity of the Centre.

Siobhan Swinscoe – Chair
Sue Berger
Richard Cross
Catherine Holland
Jane Parkinson
Chris Philipsborn
Sarah Vine
Suzanne Zeedyk

The Centre is currently seeking to appoint further Trustees.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the committee responsible for the management of The Bowlby Centre under the oversight of The Trustees. It deals with the strategy for The Centre, including financial, organisational and administrative matters, the public interface of the Centre, organisational development, and Bowlby Centre events. It approves all new initiatives within The Centre. Some of this work is carried out through the Committees and Groups who are represented on the Executive Committee, other work is delegated to individuals who report to the committee.

Members:  Victoria Settle (Chair), Bertie (Karen) Witt (Chair of Clinical Training Committee), Graham Johnson (Policy Director) Sue Berger (Chair of Ethics)  TBC (Chair of Membership) and Liat Levy (Chair of Education Committee)
Reporting members: Reporting members: (Clinical Forum)

The Executive Committee meets monthly (normally on the third Friday of the month)

Contact: Victoria Settle

Ethics Committee

The Committee monitors all issues related to ethics as laid out in The Bowlby Centre’s Code of Ethics and Practice. It manages complaints in line with the Complaints procedure. It is answerable directly to The Trustees as well as to the Executive. Complaints are received and managed by the Ethics Committee in accordance with The Bowlby Centre Complaints procedure. When necessary, a Complaints panel is put together.

Members: Sue Berger (Chair) and Wayne Davis

(The Academic Appeals Procedure is managed by the CTC).

Clinical Training Committee

The CTC is responsible for the management of the training and CPD within The Bowlby Centre. It sets the clinical standards required of Members, Training Therapists, Supervisors and Assessors. It is responsible for recruitment of students and the assessment of applications for Membership from students and from registered psychotherapists wishing to join The Bowlby Centre from other organisations. It oversees the processes for registration and for the progress of trainees, including assessment. It is responsible for managing the Clinical Training Course working closely with the Education Committee. It monitors and approves the Continuing Professional Development requirements for Bowlby Centre members.
Course Tutors are members (ex-officio) of CTC.

Members: Bertie (Karen) Witt (Chair and Course Tutor), Debbie Zimmerman (Course Tutor), Jane Parkinson (Course Tutor), Sarah Devereux (Course Tutor),  Graham Johnston (Course Tutor) Caroline Adewole (Course Tutor) Lawrence Kilshaw (Course Tutor) and Beverley Smith (Course Tutor).

Secretary to the CTC: Jo Lawson
Contact: Bertie (Karen) Witt (Chair)

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for three main strands. First, it holds responsibility for the continuing development of the curriculum for the 4 year Clinical Training Course. Ensuring that the material is both current, as well as, that it reflects the core values of the Bowlby Centre. Secondly, the committee is responsible for the selection, appointment, development, support and review of teaching staff for the 4 year clinical training. Thirdly, it holds overall responsibility for the development of future avenues of the Clinical Training Course.

Members: Liat Levy (Chair), Michaela Chamberlain
Contact: Liat Levy

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee liaises with CPD, Administrative, financial sectors of the Bowlby Centre and is responsible for the Pastoral needs of the Membership. The Membership Committee Chair is answerable directly to the Executive and Membership.

Contact: TBC (Chair) 

Referrals Co-ordinator

The Referrals Co-ordinator processes enquiries from individuals seeking Blues therapy with students from The Centre.

Co-ordinator: Rosalind Grainger

The Continuing Professional Development Group

The CTC has a group reporting to it responsible for continuing to create and develop Continuing Professional Development policy and practice. CPD group is responsible for developing policy associated with the requirements for Professional Development of The Bowlby Centre and with creating opportunities for The Centre to support and encourage members’ CPD activities. The group is experimenting with meeting via Skype and normally meets monthly at times to suit members.

Members: Sue Hards (Convenor) and Sarah Devereux
Contact: Sue Hards

The Journal Group

The Journal Group is responsible to the Executive for the production and promotion jointly with Karnacs of The Attachment Journal.

Members:  Aysha Begum (Editor), Emerald Davis (Politics), Yvonne Forward (Poetry Editor), Gulcan Sutton Purser (Book Reviews), Kate Brown (Global Forum), (Managing Editor – vacancy).

Contact: Aysha Begum

Bowlby Conference Planning Group

This group plans and arranges the annual John Bowlby Memorial Conference. It meets regularly at the Centre and decides on a theme for the conference and arranges speakers and the event.

Members: Tori Settle
Conference administrator: Carol Tobin
Corresponding member: Richard Bowlby

Development and Fundraising

The Centre’s fundraising and development work in the community and with front line agencies and government is led by the Trustees and Executive.


The Publicity Co-ordinator’s role is to help organise events, advertise training and the Bowlby Centre activities. The Co-ordinator promotes attachment theory in the media and public eye and also helps with the publicity around the Attachment journal.

Members: Carol Tobin

Website Group

This group maintains The Bowlby Centre website and The Resource.

Members: Carol Tobin

Course Tutors

Course Tutors are appointed to be the main contact with The Centre for students on the clinical training until Registration. Their role is to guide and support students through the course. They are an important link with teachers and the Teachers Appointments Group and the Curriculum Development Group and sit ex-officio on the Clinical Training Committee to manage the training and the
progress of students through the course.

Intake 2021   Andrea Graf and Sarah Devereux
Intake 2020   Beverley Smith
Intake 2019   Bertie (Karen) Witt
Intake 2018   Lawrence Kilshaw
Intake 2017   Caroline Adewole
Intake 2016   Graham Johnston
Intake 2015   Sarah Devereux
Intake 2014   Debbie Zimmerman
Intake 2013   Jane Parkinson
Intake 2012   Tori Settle
Intake 2010   Jane Parkinson
Intake 2007   Tori Settle
Intake 2006   Tori Settle

Internal Training Therapists

The Centre requires that everyone on the four year Clinical Training Course is in twice weekly therapy with an approved Training Therapist. The following members have been approved as Training Therapists.

Caroline Adewole (SE15 6JX)
Orit Badouk-Epstein (NW2 2HL)
Nicky Bainbrigge (E17 8JY)
Rebekah Ball (NW5 1NA)
Sarah Benamer (SW12 8HR)
Christine Blake (SE27 0PD)
Michaela Chamberlain (NW6 1QQ)
Mei-Fung Chung (WC1B 3AA)
Ursula Du Sauzay (CR0 6DJ)
Yvonne Forward (N8 7RA)
Cinzia Frederick (W9 1DP)
Graeme Galton (WC1B 5AE)
Richard Gill (SW1E 5NE)
John Henry* (SL6)
Tom Higgins (HX7 6HW)
Hatty Hughes (BS6 5QF)
Sarah Jack (DT11 8EH)
Brett Kahr (NW3 1QW)
Lawrence Kilshaw (E1 7RQ)
Liat Levy (W1W 6AB)

Mark Linington (WD18 7PD)
Briony Mason (TN31 6YJ)
Nigel McBride (NW5 4HY)
Penny Miller (N16 9AE)

Jane Parkinson (ME18 5NF)
Helen Straupmanis (RH13 5ED)
Gulcan Sutton Purser (CB25 0LS)
Lillian Valchar (NW3 7SN)
Judy Yellin (N2 8JJ)
Debbie Zimmerman (W1W 6DD)

The Bowlby Centre also approves Training Therapists who are not members of the Centre, but who are Registered with the CPJA of UKCP or the BPC and meet our other criteria for Training Therapists.

External Training Therapists

Charles Brown
Janice Judson
Phil Mollon
Veronica Norburn
Maya Jacobs
Gwen Williams
Jane Polden
Clare Leigh-Browne
Paul Goldreich
George Mac Pearce (Norfolk)

Internally Trained Supervisors

While working as a Psychotherapist–in-Training all students are required to work with two supervisors approved by the CTC. The first supervisor is normally expected to have trained at The Bowlby Centre.

The following Members have been approved as Training supervisors:

Caroline Adewole (SE15 6JX)
Orit Badouk Epstein (NW2 2HL)
Sarah Benamer (SW12 8HR)
Christine Blake (SE27 0PD)
Michaela Chamberlain (NW6 1QQ)
Mei-Fung Chung (WC1B 3AA)
Svetlana Fleming (N10 3HS)
Yvonne Forward (N8 7RA)
Graeme Galton (NW3 2ST)
Richard Gill (SW1E 5ANE)
John Henry* (SL6)
Tom Higgins* (HX7 6HW)
Lawrence Kilshaw (E1 7RQ)
Myriam Laplanche (WC1B 5AE)
Mark Linington (WD18 7PD)
Briony Mason (TN31 6YJ)
Nigel McBride (NW5 4HY)
Penny Miller (RH13 5BG)
Jane Parkinson (ME18 5NF)
Sue Richardson* (TS5 6EE)
Jenny Riddell (N8 8LU)
Patrick Ryan (E1 0PL)
Gulcan Sutton Purser (CB25 0LS)
Lillian Valchar (NW3 7SN)
Judy Yellin (N2 8JJ)
Debbie Zimmerman (W1W 6DD)

*Based out of London

There are additional Training Supervisors whom the CTC have ratified to work with specific individual students. Applications for other supervisors are normally approved for individual students and should be made by the Course Tutor to the CTC on behalf of the individual students and potential supervisor.

Externally Trained Supervisors

Charles Brown
Nicola Diamond
Brett Kahr
Liat Levy
George Mac Pearce
Charlotte Wynn Parry
Ali Zarbafi

Interview Panel for Registration Interviews and APT folder discussions

There are two key assessment points in The Bowlby Centre Clinical Training:

  • The APT folder presented with the application to become a psychotherapist in training (PiT) and enter the clinical portion of the course in the third and fourth years.
  • The Registration Portfolio presented when applying for Registration as an Attachment–based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. (RAPP).

Both these processes require that applicants in conjunction with their Course Tutor select people to discuss and assess their work. Applicants are required to select one person from each of the Groups below to be their assessors.

Group A (CTC) and Group B

Group A (CTC)

Caroline Adewole
Graham Johnston
Lawrence Kilshaw
Jane Parkinson
Sarah Devereux
Beverley Smith
Bertie (Karen) Witt
Debbie Zimmerman

Group B

Ursula Du Sauzay
Sue Berger
Graeme Galton
Mark Linington
Jennifer Rodriguez
Tori Settle
Helen Straupmanis

Registered Members

Caroline Adewole
Gordon Alderson
Patricia Allan
Sonya Aleksic
Orit Badouk Epstein
Nicola Bainbrigge
Tim Baker
Rebekah Ball
Aysha Begum
Sarah Benamer
John Beveridge
Christine Blake
Nassima Bleszynski
Kate Brown
Michaela Chamberlain
Barry Christie
Mei-Fung Chung
Casserley Cielo
Linda Cundy
Cascia Davis
Wayne Davis
Sarah Devereux
Ursula du Sauzay
Monica Duck
Zack Eleftheriadou
Karen Fisher
Sarah Flax
Svetlana Fleming
Yvonne Forward
Cinzia Frederick
Graeme Galton
Richard Gill
Andrea Graf
Julia Hall
Lindsay Hamilton
John Henry
Tom Higgins
Raffaella Hilty
Catherine Holland
Christian Howes
Hatty Hughes
Sarah Jack
Oliver James
Graham Johnson
Brett Kahr
Ian Kennedy
Lawrence Kilshaw
Clair Lewoski
Myriam Laplanche
Bernie Laschinger
Jo Lawson
Susanne Levin
Liat Levy
Mark Linington
Eric Litwack
Deborah Marks
Briony Mason
Nigel McBride
Errol McCarthy
Sophie Melzack
Jenny Merriott
Bob Miller
Penny Miller
Nell Montgomery
Ariel Nathanson
Sandra Nathanson
David O’Driscoll
Andrea Oskis
Caroline Owens
Caroline Parker
Jane Parkinson
Anastasia Patrikiou
Chris Purnell
Suzanna Reisz Neurath
Eleanor Richards
Ian Richardson
Sue Richardson
Jenny Riddell
Jennifer Rodriguez
Sally Rose
Visar Rozhaja
Patrick Ryan
Adah Sachs
Jacqueline Samuel
Mary Scurr
Victoria Settle
Jean Shrimpton
Beverley Smith
Ruthie Smith
Renee Stafford
Silke Steidinger
Helen Straupmanis
Marilyn Stuart
Gulcan Sutton Purser
Lillian Valchar
Paul van Heeswyk
Susan Vas Dias
Teresa Warr
Kate White
Judy Williams
Bertie (Karen) Witt
Judy Yellin
Debbie Zimmerman

Not Clinically Practising

Gina Barker
Sue Berger
Emerald Davis
John Jolliffe
Dorothy Plaskett
Yvonne Settle
Valerie Sinason
Irris Singer
Helga St. Blaize