Attachment and Disintegration: Clinical Work on the Edge


John Bowlby Memorial Conference Monograph series Series Editor : Kate White

This monograph of the 15th John Bowlby Memorial Conference brings together papers by leading contributors to the field of attachment and trauma that explore the means by which individuals struggle to cope with exposure to war zones, both

large scale conflicts and societal breakdown, and the domestic war zones where adults and children experience violence and sexual abuse.These papers seek to further our understanding of the intergenerational transmission of experiences of trauma, as in the examples of the Holocaust and slavery. In times where talk of terror is everywhere, psychotherapists offer a clinical perspective on terror which may translate to the world at large.

Papers by Professor Arietta Slade, Shoshi Asheri, Dr Joseph Schwartz, Adah Sachs, and Dick Blackwell explore topics such as: experiences of terror states in the consulting room; the multiple survival strategies engaged by people struggling to cope with exposure to relational and environmental war zones; the intergenerational transmission of trauma and terror within an historical and cultural framework; the connection between therapists’ own experiences of terror and those of their clients; how therapists may appropriately adapt their approach to include those who have been seen as ‘unanalysable’; how the non-verbal aspects of a terrorised person’s experience can be safely and effectively worked with therapeutically and the implications for the therapeutic frame and technique; and how we might more adequately provide support and legitimacy within the profession for work ‘on the edge’.

‘A profound, moving, and much needed book on the most painful of human and clinical experiences.’

– Judith Kay Nelson, Ph.D. Psychotherapist and former Dean of The Sanville Institute for Clinical Social Work and Psychotherapy Ph.D. Program, Berkley and currently Adjunct Faculty at Smith College, School for Social Work Doctoral Program (USA).

‘Readers are given access to prime clinical, social and political reflections on the role of fear within and between people, how to manage terrifying emotions, and promote individual and social change. There is a deep and enriching experience for all who engage with this important book.’

– Howard Steele, PhD, Professor & Director of Graduate Studies, Dept. of Psychology, New School for Social Research, NY.


ShoshiAsheri,Orit Badouk Epstein,Dick Blackwell,Bernice Laschinger,Adah Sachs,Joseph Schwartz,Arietta Slade,and JudyYellin.

About the Editors

Judy Yellin trained at The Bowlby Centre. She works as a psychotherapist in private practice and is a member of the teaching staff on the The Bowlby Centre’s psychotherapy training. She frequently teaches attachment theory and relational psychotherapy in other psychotherapy training organizations. She is a founder member of The Relational School and a member of its Steering and Education Committees.

Orit Badouk Epstein is an attachment based psychoanalytic psychotherapist and supervisor working in private practice. She works relationally with all client groups and has a particular interest and passion for working with individuals who have experienced extreme abuse and trauma, with symptoms of dissociation. She is co-author of the book Ritual Abuse and Mind Control: the Manipulation of Attachment Needs. She is Associate Editor for Attachment: New Directions in Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy journal.

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