Our Blues Project

The Blues Project and Special Projects are for people who would not otherwise have access to psychotherapy because they are on benefits or a low wage. Places are limited, so it can sometimes take a while to find a therapist. All clients are expected to make a commitment to come for therapy twice a week for at least 2 years although there is no expectation or stipulation that the psychotherapy will have to end after the two years. The psychotherapist will usually be either a trainee in weekly supervision, or a psychotherapist who has completed their training with us. Most Blues Project therapists are in London, but some are in other areas.

Assessment interview

The first step is an Assessment interview with a member of the Bowlby Centre Referrals Group. This is a chance for us to have a talk about you – your experience your history and your needs, and to then begin to think about who would be the right therapist for you. Interviews take up to 75 minutes. There is a fee for the interview, usually £35.

Costs for the therapy sessions are £10 for a minimum of 2 sessions per week – a weekly total of £20.

The Blues Project Special Projects are usually not available to people in the mental health professions or trainees in those professions.

28 June 2019: The Blues Project is currently full, and we are closed to new enquiries for now. We anticipate there will be further therapy spaces later this year, and we will post a message here when it is open to new enquirers.