Pre-Retirement Policy

Any Bowlby Centre member wishing to apply for the pre-retirement add-on will need to log into the members area of the UKCP website and complete an application form online, in the first instance.

If they have not been reaccredited within the last three years, they will also need to complete the UKCP Pre-Retirement Add-on Review form (obtainable from the UKCP website) and send this to their organisational member, along with any additional documentation as required.

The organisational member will then need to assess the review form, and if they are satisfied that the member has provided the required information and appears to be meeting the requirements of their membership, they will need to send us an email to confirm that they approve the applicant for the pre-retirement add-on.

We can then proceed with applying the add-on to their membership, so long as we have also received their online submission via the UKCP website.