THE BOWLBY CENTRE: Fees, Charges and Payments 2021-22

The Bowlby Centre is a registered charity and limited company. As such we are a not-for-profit organisation and our fees are for the services provided for our members (including trainee members) and support our work. Some of our work is done by volunteers. All fees and charges are agreed by the Executive.

Annual Fees

Registered Member fee
£440 per year

Registered Member Fee

The Attachment Journal is included in all membership fees.
Note: The UKCP Membership fee is not set by The Bowlby Centre. It is now collected separately from Bowlby Centre fees and is not included above.

Overseas fee

£283 per year

Concessionary fee

£215 per year

For Registered Members who are not practising, ill, or on other agreed sabbaticals. If you have difficulty paying the full Registered Members fee and think you may you may qualify for the concessionary fee, please contact us

Non-Clinical Member fee

£150 per year

This is available to people who do not require UKCP registration through the Centre and who do not practice as Attachment based Psychotherapists.

Retired Member fee

£95 per year

Sabbatical fee

£150 per year

Pre-Registered Member

£393 per year

Fees for deferred students
£393 per year
Deferred Student Fee £360 (includes subscription to Attachment Journal)

Associate Member Fee £150 (includes subscription to Attachment Journal)

This is available to people who do not require UKCP registration through the centre and who do not practise as Attachment based Psychotherapists.

Clinical Training Course Fees

Fees are reviewed annually and are fixed for the duration of the four year training.  All fees must be paid before moving from one year to the next.

Intake 2022 5000
Intake 2021 4900
Intake 2020 4900
Intake 2019 4900
Intake 2018 4900
Intake 2017 4900
Intake 2016 4800

APL Training

£4000 per annum

Other fees and charges

CRB Check £46 (tbc)
Introductory day attendance £50
Clinical Training Course Selection Interviews £100
Interviews for PiT £180
Interviews for Registration (RAPP) £300
External Membership Interview and Introductory fee £100

Please note that all Registered Members and PiTs are required to have Professional Liability Insurance, which they must arrange individually. Under the Financial Services Act the Centre is not able to arrange this for you and you are required to arrange this and send proof of cover to the Centre annually.

Payments made by the Centre

Teaching fees

The Bowlby Centre pays £70 per teaching hour
Teachers attendance at termly meeting – £60 per hour.
The centre is now paying the Infant Observation teacher £150 for each paper they read for the students RAPP portfolio.
We will reimburse teachers for the cost of paying the professional Zoom subscription each month

The Centre will pay towards travel costs for teachers normally based outside Greater London and travelling in to teach. Payment will be as follows:
The price of a One day Travelcard from your nearest station (This is a Standard class, off-peak rail ticket to London, including underground), minus the cost of a London Transport Zones 1-6 off peak travel card (currently £8.00)

If it is cheaper for you to get a Network Travel card (this costs £20 per year and gives you a third off all off-peak travel) please do this and the Centre will refund you the cost of the Network card. Your travel claim must then be based on the discounted ticket price.
If you need help or clarification with a travel claim, please contact us.

Course Tutor fees

For Tutors of taught years only the Centre will pay an Honorarium of £200 per term.
Tutorial fees: Group Tutorials £70 per tutorial hour
Individual Tutorial fees £60 per tutorial
Fee to Course Tutor for student becoming RAPP £150

Assessors Fees

PiT interviewer £90 (per interview)
RAPP interviewer £150 (per interview)
Clinical Training Course selection interviewer £60 (per interview)
Membership interviewer for external member applicants £50 (per interview)
CTC selection interviewer £120
External member interviewer £60

Open Days

Facilitate open day £150