A three week conversation series

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These three conversation series on Impacts of the pandemic on children’s development were chaired by Suzanne Zeedyk. The conversation were originally delivered live online in October 2023 and explored:

What impacts has the pandemic had on children’s development? What are the likely long-term consequences, and what can we do now to mitigate those? These are the questions that will be explored in this Conversation Series, hosted by The Bowlby Centre. Although stories of the pandemic’s impacts now feature regularly within the media, our society has made little space for thinking deeply and proactively about this issue. This Conversation Series brings together leading authors, researchers and practitioners who are well placed to guide us in contemplating this pressing issue. It provides an opportunity for professionals from all sectors to reflect on where they can best invest their attention, energy and resources in order to support the development of children and young people throughout the UK and beyond.

Infants & Early Years: Babies – 5 years


Sally Hogg, Senior Policy Fellow and Lead Author of Casting Long Shadows: The Ongoing Impact of the Pandemic on Babies Families and Services that Support Them.

Claudia Gold, Paediatrician and Author of Keeping Your Child in Mind

This workshop recording costs £20.​

Children: 5 – 12 years


Naomi Fisher, Author of Changing Our Minds: How Children Can Take Control of their Own Learning

Kate Silverton, Author of There’s No Such Thing as Naughty

This workshop recording costs £20.

Young People: 12 – 18 years


Gerry Diamond, Nurture Lead at award-winning Clydebank High School

Kathy Evans, Children England

This workshop recording costs £20.