The Referrals Service will be closing for the Xmas/New Year break on 1st December 2019.  Due to a backlog of applications for assessment, a decision has yet to be made regarding a reopening date in the New Year. We would therefore suggest that enquirers check the Bowlby Centre website regularly from 6th January 2020 for updated information. Applications for assessment prior to 1st December will be processed in the usual way although assessment/placement prior to the Xmas/New Year break cannot be guaranteed.

Finding a psychotherapist for you

We have a Referrals Service to place you in therapy with a Bowlby Centre psychotherapist at our “Standard Fee” rates, or at “Low Cost” or “Blues Project” fee levels for those whose personal circumstances make it hard to access psychotherapy for financial reasons.
The first step is to offer you an Assessment for Psychotherapy appointment to think with you about your therapy needs.
If you would like to arrange an Assessment, please download the documents listed below 1-5, and return the completed application form to us by email or post (details in the application form).

If you would like to contact us to find out more about our Referrals Service, please email
If you prefer to telephone, call 07483 428275 to leave a short, clear voice-mail message with your name and your telephone number, and someone will contact you as soon as they are able to do so.

Referrals Service Application Form

How much will it cost?

Fees for the Bowlby Centre psychotherapists start from around £40 per session. Many psychotherapists will expect to charge more – some may charge less in some circumstances. Some of our psychotherapists operate sliding scale fees, others have fixed rates.

We have a low cost therapy project – The Blues Project.
There is a fee for the initial Assessment appointment, set between £35 and £100 depending on your financial circumstances.

photoYellow Heart Trust Funding

In some cases, a grant towards the cost of your psychotherapy may be awarded by our strategic partner the Yellow Heart Trust. Please visit their website for further information.

If you are interested in applying for a grant for with your Bowlby Centre therapy, you (and your therapist if you already have one) will need to make an application through the Bowlby Centre Referral Committee.

“The Yellow Heart Trust is delighted to have become a strategic partner with the Bowlby Centre, to help with the inspiring work at the heart of the Bowlby mission. I sincerely hope that deserving applicants will benefit from the financial help that the Yellow Heart Trust can provide, particularly for those suffering from issues related to addiction and/or trauma.”

Philip Robinson, Director, Yellow Heart Trust

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