The taught part of the course is designed to be followed through year by year over four years. In the event that a student wishes to defer their place on the training for personal reasons, the student needs to make a written request to the CTC in consultation with the course tutor. If agreed, a deferral will be granted for the duration of one academic year and can be reviewed if the student wishes to defer for a subsequent year. Deferrals are not automatically rolled over from year to year and students will be asked to make a written request to the CTC, with reasons for a further deferral. Normally no more than two consecutive deferrals will be granted. If at all possible it is better to defer at the end of an academic year as deferrals that are taken mid year will normally necessitate a repeat of the whole academic year. Upon returning to the training, the student’s fees will be charged at the same rate as the Intake that is being joined, and not at the rate at which the student originally joined. This will therefore result in a rise in fees.


The first step is to raise any concerns with your course tutor so that you can talk through the issues that have arisen for you. Should you wish to make the decision to defer, this needs to be put in writing to the chair of the CTC with a full explanation of why you have decided to defer.


Normally you would be required to stay in therapy on a weekly basis and to meet with your course tutor for termly individual tutorials. You would also be expected to attend three clinical forums at the centre during the year of your deferral.

There is a reduced rate of annual fees for deferred students which would need to be paid, and all outstanding debts would need to have been settled before returning to the training.

For students wishing to defer at the end of the first year, the infant observation must be terminated and a new infant found on return to the training. This infant can be a few months old (rather than a newborn) if the first observation was some way in.

For students wishing to defer at the end of the second year, the application to become a Psychotherapist in Training (PiT) will be suspended so that you go through your PiT interviews with your new Intake (but with the support of your existing course tutor.) If for any reason the decision to defer is made after the PiT process has been completed, then you will need to do a modified PiT process which involves a reflections paper and a further interview with a member from the CTC prior to returning to the training.

For students wishing to defer at the end of the third or fourth year, a decision needs to be made about whether or not to suspend clinical work. This must be done in consultation with your course tutor, training supervisor and the CTC. For those trainees who have been approved by the CTC to continue with clinical work, it is a requirement that you stay in twice weekly therapy and that you inform your training supervisor of your deferral. The CTC would receive regular reports from the training supervisor. For those trainees who are suspending clinical work, discussions on how to end with clients must be carried out with your training supervisor and course tutor. The CTC may be involved where necessary.

For students wishing to defer after the taught part of the course but before registering, all of the above applies.

In all cases of deferrals during the taught part of the training the student will stay with their existing course tutor until the training is resumed, but on return to the training the student will move to the course tutor of the the year group the student is joining. This transition would normally take place over the summer so that you can have an appropriate ending with your current course tutor at the end of the academic year and an initial meeting with your new course tutor prior to returning in September/October of the following year.