Course Attendance

The Bowlby Centre expects that you will attend for all sessions on both evenings of the nine weeks of each of the three terms and will be available during study week if required.

Any unavoidable absences must be notified to your Course Tutor and the relevant teachers. You are not expected to take holiday during the Bowlby Centre terms. It should be noted that the Course requirement is a minimum 80% attendance for each seminar each term. Failure to meet this without prior discussion may result in you being asked to repeat the year.

The course times are 6.30pm – 9.45pm and you are asked to be available from 6pm. The Clinical Training Committee has been concerned about the level of attendance and has approved the following procedure for Intake 2006 onwards:

The Bowlby Centre expects that you will attend for all sessions on both evenings of the nine weeks of each of the three terms and available during study week if required. This is considered important because:

  • Absences can affect students’ attachments to their colleagues, and The Bowlby Centre and the process of others being able to develop secure attachment relationships with them.
  • The course covers a very wide body of knowledge in a short time and the sessions with teachers and other students are designed to give space to think about and reflect on this knowledge with others.
  • The sessions are the opportunity to put theory from various schools of thought into a modern attachment context.
  • It is in the environment of colleagues that students can experience and learn to value difference in learning and teaching styles.

In the case of unavoidable absence the student must be notify:

Their course tutor
The teachers involved
The Bowlby Centre office
Fellow students

If the absence is for one week:

The student will write a brief personal reflection (normally not more than a side of A4) on how the papers /topics being studied impacted on them which will also reflect on the impact of their absence on themselves and the group.

If the absence is for two weeks or more:

The student must discuss the absence with their course tutor who will take the problem to the Clinical Training Committee for consideration. Each student’s individual situation will be carefully considered and appropriate arrangements made with the student to deal with the affects and consequences on them and their colleagues of the absence.

Extended absence or regular intermittent absence resulting in less than 80% attendance means that it is possible that the student will be required to rejoin the course in the Autumn Term with the next year group and continue the training from that point on.