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Annual Review of Progress

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Annual Review of Progress

The Annual Review at the end of each year leads to confirmation that each student is able to proceed to the next year. Additional requirements or conditions may be required and other conditions may apply, for example, a student may be asked to repeat a part of the Course or to defer for a year. It is possible that the Annual Review of Progress can lead to you having to discontinue the Course.

The review takes place at a meeting of the Clinical Training Committee (CTC) to discuss each student’s progress. Prior to this meeting the Course Tutor and the teachers for the year meet to discuss each student’s progress. Where there are concerns, these will be discussed with the student by the Course Tutor. Where a student is a Psychotherapist-in-Training the Course Tutor may consult the Supervisor.

The Course Tutor then reports to the CTC and a decision is made as to whether a student’s progress is satisfactory. If there are difficulties the CTC may make recommendations. For example, it may recommend that a student: has a year out of the Course, repeat a year or certain modules or discontinue training. The CTC will agree all decisions and write to each student. It is expected that the ongoing dialogue between student, and Course Tutor and Teachers will identify any problems that are emerging, so that wherever possible all are aware of them before the Annual Review meeting.

If the Annual Review of Progress meeting does decide that a student delays a year, or discontinues training, the student will not be liable for the full fees for the forthcoming year set down in the letter of undertaking and signed earlier in the year. The student will normally be required to pay a 10% deposit and a fee to cover continuing Centre involvement.

Feedback from teachers

The Course Tutor receives feedback from seminar teachers. This will address such issues as participation, engagement with the material, presentations in seminars, and whether or not you are meeting the aims and objectives of the seminar and attendance. The Course Tutor will pass these reports on to their students so that they are available to as a basis for reflection and discussion

Reports from Supervisors

Once a student has made the transition to Psychotherapist-in-Training (PiT) status and started clinical work, Supervisor(s) will review with each supervisee what they have learned in the work with clients during the preceding six months. There is a pro-forma, which includes headings such as, starting and maintaining therapeutic relationships, ability to use supervision, use of transference and counter-transference, and ability to relate practice to theory. Practical information such as a brief profile of the clients (e.g. general nature of clients’ difficulties, how many clients, times per week seen and for how long, ages and gender) is also included in the pro-forma. Each PiT will need to keep a note of their referrals, the number who have discontinued and reasons where known. PiTs will also have to keep a record of how many hours of supervision they have had from the point of becoming a Psychotherapist-in-Training.