Meet the Team at The Bowlby Centre

The Bowlby Centre is where our outreach and development work, training activities and low cost psychotherapy clinic are based.

We are in Highbury, Islington – a vibrant, diverse, area reflecting our commitment to inclusion and our mission to reach out to those in the community who have previously found it difficult to access psychotherapy.

  • Administration: Carol Tobin and Yvonne Settle
  • Book Keeper: Loureen Pierce
  • Chair of the Bowlby Centre: Jeremy Rutter
  • Executive Committee: Mark Linington (Chair), Tori Settle, Serena Jenks, Sue Berger and Andrew Hill
  • Chair of the Clinical Training Committee: Tori Settle
  • Vice Chair of the Clinical Training Committee: Vacant
  • Chair of Membership Committee: Andrew Hill
  • Chair of Referrals: Serena Jenks
  • Policy Director: Sue Berger
  • Course Tutors: Victoria Settle (Chair and Course Tutor), Sarah Devereux (Course Tutor),  Jane Parkinson (Course Tutor), Debbie Zimmerman (Course Tutor), Ursula Du Sauzay  (Course Tutor), Roxy Wilding (Convenor CPD group) and Jennifer Rodriguez (reporting member, post taught course tutor).
  • Journal Editor: Kate White
  • Referrals Committee: Serena Jenks (Chair), Andrew Hill, Dorothy Plaskett, Teresa Warr and Ian Kennedy.
  • Teacher Appointment Group: Tori Settle (Chair) and Sonya Aleksic
  • Curriculum Development Group: Nicky Bainbrigge, Jennifer Rodriguez, Debbie Zimmerman
  • Ethics Committee: Andrew Odgers (Chair), Wayne Davis and Patrick Ryan