Committees, Groups and Lists


Sir Richard Bowlby
Dr Elaine Arnold


These are people elected by Registered Members to oversee the financial and organisational fidelity of the Centre.

Jeremy Rutter – Chair
Janie Harvey-Douglas
Prue Norton

The Centre is currently seeking to appoint further Trustees.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the committee responsible for the management of The Bowlby Centre under the oversight of The Trustees. It deals with the strategy for The Centre, including financial, organisational and administrative matters, the public interface of the Centre, organisational development, and Bowlby Centre events. It approves all new initiatives within The Centre. Some of this work is carried out through the Committees and Groups who are represented on the Executive Committee, other work is delegated to individuals who report to the committee.

Members: Emerald Davis (Chair of The Bowlby Centre), Lindsay Hamilton (Vice Chair), Victoria Settle (Chair Clinical Training Committee), TBA (Policy Director) Arlene Simmons (Chair of Membership)
Reporting members: Serena Jenks (Referrals Group) and Kate Brown (Clinical Forum)

The Executive Committee meets monthly (normally on the first Friday of the month)

Contact: Emerald Davis (Chair).

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is chaired by Pat Cohen. The Committee monitors all issues related to ethics as laid out in The Bowlby Centre’s Code of Ethics and Practice. It manages complaints in line with the Complaints procedure. It is answerable directly to The Trustees as well as to the Executive. Complaints are received and managed by the Ethics Committee in accordance with The Bowlby Centre Complaints procedure. When necessary, a Complaints panel is put together.

Members: Pat Cohen (Chair of Ethics), Andrew Odgers, Nikki Reeves, Pat Ryan and Valerie Sinason

(The Academic Appeals Procedure is managed by the CTC).

Clinical Training Committee

The CTC is responsible for the management of the training and CPD within The Bowlby Centre. It sets the clinical standards required of Members, Training Therapists, Supervisors and Assessors. It is responsible for recruitment of students and the assessment of applications for Membership from students and from registered psychotherapists wishing to join The Bowlby Centre from other organisations. It oversees the processes for registration and for the progress of trainees, including assessment. It is responsible for managing the Clinical Training Course working closely with the Teachers Appointment Group and Curriculum Development Group. It monitors and approves the Continuing Professional Development requirements for Bowlby Centre members.
Course Tutors are members (ex-officio) of CTC.

Members: Victoria Settle (Chair and CT), Lindsay Hamilton (Vice chair and CT), Barry Christie (CT), Ursula du Sauzay (CT), Donatella Landi (TAG), Brenda Prince (CT), Emerald Davis (Chair of The Bowlby Centre – ex-officio), Roxy Wilding (Convenor CPD group), Jane Parkinson (CT), Monica Duck (CT).

Corresponding Members: Pat Cohen and Catherine Mitson

Secretary to the CTC: Yvonne Settle

Contact: Victoria Settle (Chair).

The Continuing Professional Development Group

The CTC has a group reporting to it responsible for continuing to create and develop Continuing Professional Development policy and practice. CPD group is responsible for developing policy associated with the requirements for Professional Development of The Bowlby Centre and with creating opportunities for The Centre to support and encourage members’ CPD activities. The group is experimenting with meeting via Skype and normally meets monthly at times to suit members.

Members: Eleanor Richards, Ruthie Smith, Roxy Wilding (Convenor)
Contact: Roxy Wilding

Membership Group

Chairperson Membership Committee Person Specification

Purpose and Scope:

The membership Committee liaises with CPD, Administrative, financial sectors of the Bowlby Centre and is responsible for the Pastoral needs of the Membership. The Membership Committee Chair is answerable directly to the Executive and Membership.

It is composed of an Elected Chair and Co-opted Volunteers.

This is a voluntary role. However, we would request that where possible one month’s notice of resignation or retirement is tendered.

The Role Of Chairperson Includes:

Chairing Membership Committee

Attending Executive meetings

Details of the following can be found in the Hand Book.

Co-ordinating and overseeing Sabbaticals.

External Admissions-Liaising with the CTC on such matters.

Leavers-facilitating exit interviews for feedback and monitoring purposes.

Pastoral Care, to include sickness and bereavement support as required by members.

Upholding, working within, modelling and developing the values of the Bowlby Centre.

Managing sensitive boundaries and confidentiality that is mindful of the complexities of a psychotherapy organisation.

Essential Knowledge, Experience and Skills:

  • Holding and demonstrating The Bowlby Centre values
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Bowlby Centre’s commitment to equal opportunities, valuing diversity and an anti-discriminatory practice
  • Knowledge and awareness of the Bowlby Centre Codes of Practice, Policies and procedures
  • Ability to understand and negotiate the organisational and governing body, UKCP, policies and procedures which are relevant to the task of the Membership Committee
  • A commitment to maintaining confidentiality and objectivity also observing appropriate professional boundaries
  • Capacity and commitment to evaluate, monitor and reflect upon personal and group performance in the context of the Bowlby Centre policies and procedures
  • Ability to communicate clearly both in writing, orally and by email
  • To be a UKCP registered Psychotherapist with at least 3 years post registration experience.
  • Information technology skills. Knowledge of information technology and its various applications.

Members: Arlene Simmonds (Chair)

What do I get for my Membership with The Bowlby Centre?

Being aligned to a Psychotherapy training school, that has become known for its Attachment and analytic approach to talking therapy

Being recognised by the UKCP-not all training establishments are

The Blues Project is a programme to be proud of

Being taught by teachers who are keen to keep this tradition as well as looking at current research in this area of work and expanding our knowledge in areas of Attachment work

Having access to theoreticians and practitioners in this area of work who are linked to the Bowlby Centre

The Annual Bowlby Conference- that attracts prominent speakers


Ease of access to individuals who run the organisation

Members have the choice to play an active part in the running the Bowlby Centre, great or small.

The Attachment Journal

Short training courses and CPD

Members: Arlene Simmonds
Contact: Arlene Simmonds (Chair)

Curriculum Development Group

This group holds and develops the curriculum for the 4 year Clinical Training Course ensuring that it reflects the core values of The Bowlby Centre, working with teachers’ and students’ feedback in its ongoing development of the taught course curriculum.

Members: Jennifer Rodriguez, Debbie Zimmerman, Lindsay Hamilton (Convenor) Contact: Lindsay Hamilton

Teachers Appointment Group

The Teachers Appointment Group (TAG) is a sub-group of the Executive, and is responsible for the selection, appointment, development, support and review of teaching staff for the 4 year clinical training. TAG is committed to using open, transparent and fair procedures for appointing teaching staff and to providing students with a rich, diverse and satisfying learning experience. Teachers Appointment Group works closely with Course Tutors and the Curriculum Development Group.

Members: Tori Settle (Chair), Sue Berger, Brenda Prince, Helen Straupmanis and Emerald Davis (Ex officio)
Contact: Tori Leach

Referrals Group

This group supports The Bowlby Centre Referrals Coordinator in processing all the assessments of individuals seeking therapy with therapists from The Centre including those providing therapy for clients in the Blues and other Dedicated Projects. It strives to provide the most suitable therapist for the individual seeking help.

Members: Serena Jenks (Referrals Co-ordinator), Dorothy Plaskett, Andrew Hill, Teresa Warr and France Couelle.

The group meets on Fridays at The Bowlby Centre.
Contact: Serena Jenks

Learning Disabilities Group

This group is working to create a shift in awareness within The Bowlby Centre concerning learning disabilities and psychotherapy. The group’s work aims to influence the curriculum and the provision of psychotherapy to people with learning disabilities and their carers. The group is operating and developing short courses in this area. It plans to publish work on attachment and learning disabilities.

Members: Emerald Davis (Convenor), Claire Harris, Mark Linington, Benjamin Marr, Eleanor Richards
Contact: Emerald Davis

The Journal Group

The Journal Group is responsible to the Executive for the production and promotion jointly with Karnacs of The Attachment Journal.

Members: Kate White (Editor), Orit Badouk Epstein (Acting Associate Editor and Publicity), Emerald Davis (Politics), Yvonne Forward (Poetry Editor), Gulcan Sutton Purser (Book Reviews) (Global Forum – vacancy), (Managing Editor – vacancy).

Contact: Kate White

Bowlby Conference Planning Group

This group plans and arranges the annual Bowlby Memorial Conference. It meets regularly at the Centre and decides on a theme for the conference and arranges speakers and the event.

Members:  France Couelle, Helene Everitt and Brenda Prince
Conference administrator: Carol Tobin
Corresponding member: Richard Bowlby

Development and Fundraising

The Centre’s fundraising and development work in the community and with front line agencies and government is led by the Trustees and Executive.


The Publicity Co-ordinator’s role is to help organise events, advertise training and The Bowlby Centre activities. The Co-ordinator promotes attachment theory in the media and public eye and also helps with the publicity around the Attachment journal.
Members: Emerald Davis and Carol Tobin

Website Group

This group (aka The Spinsters) maintains The Bowlby Centre website and The Resource.

Members: Lindsay Hamilton and Carol Tobin